Akumakyo Prayer Book 1

Pictures of Shinja who participated in the first Akumakyo Prayer Book

LA , USA. -Skyler

I love you! I look up to you all as heroes. My friend and I traveled all the way to Oni-Con and A-Kon just to be able to attend your Black Mass and meet you.(You may remember us, we were the Shinjas that showed you our Demon's Rock Expo wristbands.) I listen to your music all the time, it really gives me confidence and makes me feel powerful! I can't wait to hear the next album and the new songs!

Please come back to America sometime! There are still humans here that need to be taught about the Akuma faith!

From Earth with Love,


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chicago, illinois ~ u.s. ~ Janet G.

In beautiful songs
Of love, courage and humor :
Your radiant spirit.

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Coronado, CA -USA- Edward Holland

It is awesome that this project is available for fans to show their undying support for one of the greatest groups in the world. Since 1986 I have always wanted to see them grow beyond Japan. Many thanks to all the disciples that fan the flames of their Black Masses and growing, global musical movement. To their Quarter Century of Rebellion and beyond!

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Eastbourne, England - U.K - Machiko L

Hello! I'm from Japan and have been a fan since 1986. I came to England in 2002. Last time you reunited, I could not go to Japan because I didn't have enough money. So the Japan Expo in France is the first time I can join the Mass since the Black Mass Final 3 Nights.

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Pamplona - Spain. Diana Crespo

I hold the dvd Jitsuroku! Hijojitai Ohshu Sengen is a pleasure to hear you singing in my language HE. Thanks!
I am very happy to go to the Black Mass in Paris.
Vamos rapidos¡¡¡¡¡¡

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Birmingham, England - U.K - Chelsea Eggleton

Seikima-II, you are my heroes, my inspirations. I really can't imagine my life without you guys... Your Scriptures have helped me through so many bad times in my life and, I thank you for that. Maybe one day (in this life) I'll be able to meet you all. If not, see you in Jigoku!

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Lake Hopatcong, NJ - USA - Anna K.

Seeing you guys at A-kon was a dream come true. I absolutely love you guys! Demon you are amazing! Even when I am down you all still manage to put a smile on my face. That means a lot to me. Hope to see you again one day.

Your Shinja forever,
Anna a.k.a. Apashi

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Concord, NH - USA - Kat

From the first time I heard your Scripture, I have been hooked. And now, I can not stop listening! Please return to America to hold another Black Mass, and continue to release more Scripture! You really are the Greatest Super Exciting Very Special Nice Elegant Ultra Heavy Band!

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Concord, NH - USA - Megan

I love you Dr. Xenon! I listen to your bass solos so much, that I think I am beginning to look just like you! I even grew horns! Please come back to the USA so SEIKIMA-II can destroy the rest of the pathetic humans! KOROSE!

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Meycauayan, Bulacan - Philippines - Carolina Villena

Konnichi wa, your Excellency Demon Kogure... I've been a Shinja from the Philippines for only 6 months!!! Thanks to Dragonball Kai (you performed the song "Tada Kogoeru Elegy"), my fave anime, who became the bridge of knowing you and SEIKIMA-II. I had learned to listen all of your songs and I really love it.

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Lexington, KY - USA - Zach Harris

Thank you for coming to America! You may remember me from the Dallas Mass, I was the only Shinja that looked like DEMON! But now, I think I look better as Jail! I listen to your scripture 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Please come back to America and give meaning to my pathetic human existence!

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