We’re collecting one picture from each participant and creating a photo book to be presented to the band (specifically His Excellency, as the leader).

Carolina Villena - Meycauayan City, Philippines

It's been a while... and I missed you so much, guys esp. His Excellency Demon Kakka. For more than a year of being a Shinja, I totally learned a lot about life and death... heaven and hell... good and bad... and best of all, learning to be myself even when dealing with truly crappy humans! Humans and my family may hate me because of my love for you but with all my heart, I know who you are! Even if I lose my job because of stupid humans (esp. my whore cousin who's the current supervisor of an almost bankrupt safety shoes company),even if I may lose my boyfriend...

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Helene Lejeune-Minneapolis, MN, USA

When I discovered Seikima-II, I had no idea it was the beginning of a great adventure. Not only did I completely fall in love with you and your Sciptures, but I've become friends with Shinja from all over the world. As we all know, Akuma rule the earth...

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Akumakyo Prayer Book 2 ?

For those who aren't familiar with it, the Akumakyo Prayer Book is a collection of messages of gratitude from Shinjas to Seikima-II. This site was created to collect the entries, in the form of pictures with messages, that were later printed in a sleek looking booklet and given to the band in July 2010, at the Paris Mass.

A second edition could happen if we get enough Shinja to participate. The plan is to give it to them at Tribute to Japan on November 30th or December 1st. We do not have much time, but we came together rather quickly for the first edition.

Questions? Sugestions? Join the conversation on the forums. Let us know you're interested so we can add you to the list of Shinjas that will be in the book.

Mission Accomplished

This website was created for one purpose: collecting displays of Shinja gratitude from around the world. Each member contributed a picture with a short message to the legendary Japanese heavy metal band Seikima-II. Twenty four Shinjas appeared in the Akumakyo Prayer Book, a sleek booklet designed here in the USA, printed in England and then delivered into the very hands of S.G. Luke Takamura in Paris, July 4th 2010.



rock n roll

Akumakyo Prayer Book

The book is finished and the file has been sent to the U.K.

Download your own copy sized for A4 paper: [ lo-res PDF = 8MB or hi-res PDF = 22MB ].

Download your own copy sized for US Letter paper: [ lo-res PDF = 8MB or hi-res PDF = 22MB ]

To duplicate the book as presented to the band, have your local print/copy shop bind the pages with a plastic comb, and ask for a clear front cover and blank cardstock back cover.

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Booklet Sample Page

This is an example of the layout I threw together. I must recompose the background with high-resolution images (flames, bones and skulls).

It seems Kanji works for me. I cannot guarantee anything once I send the file across the ocean for printing. Well, I guess I can guarantee I am doing the best I can…

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Panama City, Panama - Trini Portelles

I'm a proud Shinja from Panama who's in love with your music, Scriptures, and His Excellency.
I would love to attend a Black Mass someday, I will do my best to do so! In the meanwhile I will continue supporting the band in any way I can, and recruiting more Shinjas.
Rock on!
PS: I would LOVE to hear a collaboration of you with Toshi (X JAPAN), singing Seikimatsu songs.

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New York, NY -USA- Yurina.

I've never expected I would be able to see Seikima-II AGAIN...especially in the U.S. where I moved from Japan. I feel honored that I could attend the first day of the 25th reunion ICBM tour at A-KON, Dallas. When I heard the Godzilla scream, I got goose bumps. When I saw you, Seikima-II, I couldn't help weeping... I really appreciate you. I've learned a lot from your Demonic Doctrines for 20 years. Your songs, like a moon at mid-day, always lead my way.

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Minneapolis, MN -- USA –– Hélène Lejeune

I kneel before your Burning Evil. In my hands, an offering. An apple, glistening wet. I do not try to shield myself from the intensity of your Demon Power. I am caught and captivated, I cannot escape from this high. I want to trade happiness for lust, my will is in your hand. Will you find my gift worthy…

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Calgary, AB - Canada - Maggie T.

When I became a Shinja last year, I never thought it would be possible for me to attend a Black Mass or meet you guys in person. Being able to do all of that at A-kon is better than a dream come true! I think your music is incredible and listening to it gives me encouragement during times when I feel down and unsure of myself.

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Orlando, FL - USA - Michele



I couldn't make it to see you guys in Texas, but I hope to see you in Japan soon! ♥ FROM EARTH WITH LOVE ♥


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Moscow, Russia - Alexander V.S.

We love you! Seikima-II!!
I hope you will ever visit Russia, or I'll ever visit Japan :)
Anyway, Let's Rock! \../,


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Chicago, Illinois - USA - Daniel Zalewski

It was a great honor for me as a devoted Shinja to be able to see you perform here in America! Being at the Black Mass in Dallas was a truly emotional experience and I will never forget it in all my life. I hope that I will have the opportunity to see you at a Black Mass in Japan one day. Thank you for the Scriptures and all the great memories.

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