Shinja Introductions

Here we can all introduce ourselves and get to know a little bit about each other. Make sure to tell us where you're from.

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My name is Hammer. I'm from Canada, but I've lived in the U.S.A. for about 12 years. I've only found out about Seikima-II, thanks to Youtube, for a couple of years, but they pretty much instantly became my favorite band. I was lucky enough to see them in Dallas, and I flew to Japan in December 2010 to see the last 2 Black Masses of the ICBM tour in Tokyo. It was the most amazing experience in my life.

This is my site. It was created so we Shinjas could gather pictures and messages of gratitude for the band. The Akumakyo Prayer Book was born. I hope we can create a second one down the road.

Welcome to the Fewl Forums Shinjas!

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Hello from Number Six. I’m not a Shinja, but I know a few things about building websites. I help Hammer with technical stuff on this site. And I’m the person who laid out the From Earth With Love booklet.

I also use the handle “Etheri” in my web development business. You’ll see that name around here, too.

In the meat world, I live in Minnesota, U.S.A.