Meycauayan, Bulacan - Philippines - Carolina Villena

Konnichi wa, your Excellency Demon Kogure... I've been a Shinja from the Philippines for only 6 months!!! Thanks to Dragonball Kai (you performed the song "Tada Kogoeru Elegy"), my fave anime, who became the bridge of knowing you and SEIKIMA-II. I had learned to listen all of your songs and I really love it. Even though, you haven't met me, through my fellow Shinjas, I would like to thank you for your kind and humorous words especially when Don Howard tried to tell you about me, you asked him if I'm his girlfriend so, I was surprised and even your awesome laughs as I watched your clips, you really make me smile everyday... you're a DEMON in my heart!

From your Filipino Shinja :)))))))

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