Akumakyo Prayer Book

The book is finished and the file has been sent to the U.K.

Download your own copy sized for A4 paper: [ lo-res PDF = 8MB or hi-res PDF = 22MB ].

Download your own copy sized for US Letter paper: [ lo-res PDF = 8MB or hi-res PDF = 22MB ]

To duplicate the book as presented to the band, have your local print/copy shop bind the pages with a plastic comb, and ask for a clear front cover and blank cardstock back cover.

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This book is TRULY awesome!!! Great Job.

Wow, looks awesome...Thank you for your great work!!

Oh no! You forgot to put down that I'm from NJ. =P Oh well, it's an amazing job otherwise!

Hammer's picture

Sincere apologies to you.

That's what happens when you work all night...Your eyes stop working. I can make sure to correct the pdf version we have on the site, but it won't be in the book (it's already been sent and printed).

Thanks for pointing that out to us. Glad you like the design!

Now, I should try to get some sleep...

It's fine, just a tiny problem. Thanks for fixing the pdf. Go get some sleep =)

Number Six's picture

The links now retrieve files with your complete location. :-)

Thank you Hammer and Number Six!! the album is totally kick ass! I bet the band will like it, you did an awesome work :)

It's amazing! You guys really put a lot of effort into it and it paid off. Thank you so much. I'm also happy to see that the kanji thing worked out =3