New York, NY -USA- Yurina.

I've never expected I would be able to see Seikima-II AGAIN...especially in the U.S. where I moved from Japan. I feel honored that I could attend the first day of the 25th reunion ICBM tour at A-KON, Dallas. When I heard the Godzilla scream, I got goose bumps. When I saw you, Seikima-II, I couldn't help weeping... I really appreciate you. I've learned a lot from your Demonic Doctrines for 20 years. Your songs, like a moon at mid-day, always lead my way.
Hope Seikima-II will have a bigger ICBM tour next time to see more Shinjas all over the world! You conquered the earth, you deserve it!!

From U.S. with love.

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Wow. Thank you for uploading your picture Luke! Eh, I mean, Yurina...

By the way, I really love your message for Seikima-II,Helene.
Very poetic and beautiful. Wish I could use some sophisticated words, so have to strive brushing up my English!

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Your makeup is so good! <3

Your Luke makeup is amazing Yurina!