Huntsville,AL-USA-Don Howard

Thank you so much for coming to America. I was the tall black guy with the plastic red apple. There is no experience on earth like a Black Mass. After years of waiting and dreaming, it was better than I ever could have imagined. I enjoyed hearing your stories at the Q+A. I never knew that Xenon likes Tower of Power but it makes sense. I like them a lot too! It was an honor to hear H.E. Demon Kakka's Godzilla(Gojira?) roar. It's quite legendary among shinja. Anyway, I hope you guys come back in the future and thanks for signing my apple!

p.s.:I love DK and happy belated birthday Dr.Xenon!( it's the day after mine!)

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Nice image, Don. I love that apple idea you did at AKON-21.