Demon Kakka Mythology Album

I'm loving it! It is a really diverse album, containing many different styles of music. And I mean MANY!
My favorite tracks so far would be "TATTOOS ON THE SKY" (which is a surprisingly GREAT track for being a Bleach theme song), and "BEYOND THE BLUE", which features Skoop on Somebody's vocalist, yet another group I found out through Kakka's numerous collaborations!

I'm really happy that Kakka finally decided to release an album with (mostly) original material!
Not that I didn't like the GIRLS' ROCK cover albums (I actually LOVED them), but I think it was finally time for this, especially now that He's not busy with Seikima-II. I really hope the trend continues, so that we can see more original material from His Excellency soon!

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YES! My favorites are Tattoos on the Sky (I had no idea it was a Bleach theme song) and Meikaishin-Hirako no Seidan.

Beyond the Blue is also really great.

Raiden Tamemon is upbeat and fun, Linda was telling me it's about Sumo's Ozumo and was going to try to translate it. I hope she does and then post it here.

He's a great voice, but he's also a great musician and a creator of unforgettable melodies. Let's hope he comes out with much more original material.

Interesting note I found in the booklet: Raiden Yuzuwa plays drums on songs #5,6,9 and 10.