Tsukimi / Elancourt, France

My sister Kaizoku and I are faithful Shinjas from France since 2010. Japan Expo was the first Black Mass we went to. It was amazing, one of the best show we have ever seen in our poor human lives ! Listening to your wonderful music live was so great, and there was a real osmosis between you guys and us. We were also very impressed by the French skills of His Excellency. And I'm proud to have a picture of me in the book!

Last October, we were in Japan and we went to Osaka especially for your 2 Masses at Grand Cube Osaka. Masses in Japan was really different, and we appreciate the beautiful stage scenery. We were so glad to hear some French words during the shows!

We also had a great time in JAP shop writing messages for you, admiring your outfits and buying goods.

Thank you for all ! 月美

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