Yan Yang - Dallas, TX, USA

Dear Akumas,
Although we have never met, you have played a meaningful and enduring role in my existence. During several years, your compositions helped me to live through the tough times. Thank you. Arguably, my present circumstances may not have evolved into what they are today without your assistance. You may not know me, but I will never forget you. I cannot thank you enough. I know all you did was either created marvelous tunes or recorded yourself singing one of your songs, but to me it’s much more than that. Your music has made me the person I am today. Here comes the over-sentimental part. My life has been a complete roller-coaster, having way more drops than one ride should have. If it weren’t for your songs, I may not be here today. I also arranged some pieces of music by you for piano and posted them on YouTube. I also drew a lot of fan-art through all this years. Through all of the heartbreaks, your music healed the broken parts. Through the deaths, your music brought me back to life. You are what makes the world go around. From the bottom of my heart, I am so appreciative for your courage to write down your emotions for the entire world to see.
Your music will always put a smile on my face.

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