Carolina Villena - Meycauayan City, Philippines

It's been a while... and I missed you so much, guys esp. His Excellency Demon Kakka. For more than a year of being a Shinja, I totally learned a lot about life and death... heaven and hell... good and bad... and best of all, learning to be myself even when dealing with truly crappy humans! Humans and my family may hate me because of my love for you but with all my heart, I know who you are! Even if I lose my job because of stupid humans (esp. my whore cousin who's the current supervisor of an almost bankrupt safety shoes company),even if I may lose my boyfriend... I will never lose my faith in you because at the end of my life, I know where I can go after life: in Jigoku! Shinjas are more true creatures than humans so, I don't wanna be part of the Holy Slavery anymore!

So, Domo Arigato Gozaimashita... Aishite Imasu!!!

PS: Demon Kakka: Thank you for reading my tweets during your Kakiin days :)

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