Seikma-II reunion for Charity event Nov 30th & Dec 1st 2011

Seikima-II announced that they will be holding 2 fundraising live shows in Japan November 30th and December 1st 2011. All profits will be given to Red Cross for the victims of the earthquake. According to the site for Seikima-II presents Tribute to Japan, other bands to perform are Nokko, Calli Gari, Man with a Mission, Jealkb, Rookiez is Punk'd and another band whose name is in Japanese. Can anyone tell us who they are?

Anyone else thinking about going? I wonder for how long they will play...

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The name of that band is 氣志團(Kishidan)

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The tickets were available through a lottery for Seikima-II's fan club members, just like for the last 2 masses last year in Tokyo.

Thanks to that system, and very nice Japanese friends,I have tickets to both shows. Looks like I'm going to Japan again.


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A Tribute to Japan dvd and cd will be released on June 20th 2012. It is said to have 16 tracks, which would be all the songs from both nights. I was hoping for this. A definite buy for me.

Set lists:

November 30th 2011

  • Departure time
  • 1999 Secret Object
  • Adamo no Ringo
  • Arcadia
  • Big Time changes
  • Brand New Song
  • Raspberry Dream (with Nokko)
  • Fire After Fire

December 1st 2011

  • Overture--Winner!
  • Moon at Mid-day
  • Marquerade
  • Himitsu no Hazono
  • Save Your Soul
  • Fighting Japanese (with Kishidan)
  • Rouningyo no Yakata
  • Holy Blood