Kaizoku / Elancourt, France

Dear Akumas,
My name is SICHEL Fanny, or Kaizoku. I’m a proud Shinja since 2010, with my sister Tsukimi. We had the chance to see your Black Mass in Paris, and we HAD TO share time and music with you again. We left you a message on the JAP Gold Book, to tell you we will go to the Grand Cube Osaka Black Masses. Did His Excelency thought about us when he was speaking in French at Osaka ? We were the two girls who screamed louder when he was speaking French on the record !

You can also see me on the world tour book : page 89, front of Jail-sama.
I’m so glad to introduce you your fellow countryman Zolran Bardias III. As the devoted Shinja that I am, I spent plenty of hours on Zolran to make a real tribute for you. He’s a little thing compared with all that you have brought me. Thank you very much, I hope you all are fine.

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Hammer's picture

We'd love to have your full name, if you don't mind. Thank you.

Tsukimi's picture

Her full name is written in the message, it's Sichel Fanny.